Injector specific Annotations

So far we learned about Sling model annotations used while development and now we will learn about Injector specific annotations. Injector specific annotations-are used to reduce the overall internal execution work as they specify the source explicitly. that also reduce the overall execution time. there are lots of injector specif annotations for different purposes which can be seen inside the Sling Adaptor in your Adobe Experience Manager Felix console, only […] Read More

Sling Annotations in AEM

In our previous post, we learned about the Sling framework and its role . And in this post, we will learn about Sling annotations. So let’s start working sling annotation used in Adobe Experience Manager 1.@Inject-: By using @inject we inject the node properties into the class properties, that match all model object properties to node properties. The specified property name is adapted using valuemap() then looked up form the […] Read More

Use of Sling Framework in Aem

Most of the people are confused about the role of Sling in aem. let’s try to understand this.Like simple java POJO classes that provide Object properties/functionality to java classes that work as an entity class suitable for working with ORM like Hibernate.In Abode Experience Manager to achieve this functionality, we use the Sling Framework and like simple java POJO class, we used the Sling model. And to provide the modularity […] Read More

How to change Default AEM Instance Port Number

In this dynamic world of technology every-thing should be changes with time.In content management system (cms) aem comes as a most power full wcm backed by java library named JCR and other frameworks like OSGI provides molecularity and sling works as controller and Dispatcher configuration in AEM is the little portion taken from devops to manage cache and load balancing, which makes Adobe Experience Manager most powerful content management system […] Read More

What are Editable templates in aem

editable templates in aem

In previous tutorial, we learn about Templates in aem ,and Static templates in aem, what is aem, that and how to make static templates in aem.In this tutorial we will see another kind of template ie editable templates in aem, what editable templates are, how to create editable templates in aem using maven build tool, although we can make it using aem console also, but while creating a project structure […] Read More

Templates in aem

editabel templates in aem

Adobe Experience Manager is the best CSM, which is backed by OSGi, JCR, and jackrabbit like framework, which makes it advance and best CSM solution. Adobe Experience Manager gives a solution for content-oriented Web-applications. Other technologies like Dev-ops also back it up in order to manage load balancing and provide additional security. Configuring dispatcher in aem is One of them, which gives all such kind of availability that makes it […] Read More

How to Configure Dispatcher in AEM


Adobe Experience Manager is the most popular CSM system for the content-oriented web application. Adobe Experience Manager is basically a combination of java, JCR, OSGi technology. In this tutorial, we will learn aboutHow to configuring dispatcher in aemin Ubuntu/Linux. Configuring dispatcher in Aem 1. First of all, in order to configure dispatcher on our system, the Apache web server should be successfully installed. 2. Then, you can download dispatcher from […] Read More

what is AEM ?

Adobe Experience Manager

What is Adobe Experience Manager ? In This Adobe Experience Manager tutorial, you will learn about basic of AEM, What actually AEM is.In This AEM tutorial we will also focus on, why Aem is best for Content management system (CSM). And also in this Aem tutorial, you will get the basic knowledge about it’s modules and frameworks used to manage and what is the role of frameworks. This aem tutorial […] Read More