How to change Default AEM Instance Port Number

In this dynamic world of technology every-thing should be changes with time.In content management system (cms) aem comes as a most power full wcm backed by java library named JCR and other frameworks like OSGI provides molecularity and sling works as controller and Dispatcher configuration in AEM is the little portion taken from devops to manage cache and load balancing, which makes Adobe Experience Manager most powerful content management system so far.

SO lets come to the point.

Sometimes we come across problems like, having same port number used by different instance specially in aem instance for working with multiple projects with their individual instances which is also reccomanded. By default AEM instance running on 4502 port so we can't run another AEM instance on same port So, for running more then two AEM instance we should we change the port number on which current AEM is running. TO change the default AEM instance port number.

Follow these steps to successfully change Port Number of Your AEM Instance:

1. Start your AEM instance.

adobe Experience manager

2. Login to your AEM instance.

adobe Experience manager

3. Now go to the provided link http://localhost:4502/system/console/configMgr

4. Now search for "apache felix jetty Based" using ctrl+f.

adobe Experience manager

5. Now click on "Apache felix jetty based http service" and edit Http port according to your need. I have used "4506"

adobe Experience manager

6. Click save.

7. You will receive a prompt like this click ok and restart your instance.

8. Now your instance will start on new configured Port number.

adobe Experience manager

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